WilcoWeb proudly presents

An Interview with:

Justin Barker
(Webmaster of the Space Quest ComPost)

What first got you interested in Space Quest?

What is it in the Space Quest series that has captivated your attention for so long?

Do you see a glass as half-empty or half-full if it has equal amounts of water and air in it?

What are your reactions to the sudden onslaught of Space Quest web sites popping up everywhere?

Which one was the better title, Hz. So Good or Radio Shock?

How do you stand on the issues of Full Motion Video and 3d-ness in games? Would you enjoy a Space Quest with either of these?

Would you still buy Space Quest games if they were ever written without any help at all from the original Two Guys from Andromeda?

Which is your favorite Space Quest and why?

Who is your favorite character who is NOT a main character?

What does antidisestablishmentarianistically mean?

Note: At the end of each of my e-mail interviews I added a little paragraph, and Justin responded to it, so I've included it here.

Feel free to add any comments you want and to go off in irrelevant tangents, speak in tongues, switch languages, or write it all in backwards pig-latin.

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