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Who is Astro Chicken?
Astro Chicken is a chicken who appeared in his own arcade game in Monolith Burger, in Space Quest 3: The Pirates of Pestulon.

Who actually made Astro Chicken?
Doug Olfield was the actual creator of Astro Chicken... it was originally called Chicken Lander, and when they needed an arcade sequence for Space Quest 3, they used it, changing it into Astro Chicken.
All hail Doug Olfield! :)

Are there any other Astro Chickens?

Ok... Who are they?
Actually, there's only one other AstroChicken, and that's Ms. AstroChicken, who appeared in her own arcade game at Buckazoid Bills, in the Galaxy Galleria, in Space Quest 4: Roger Wilco and the Time Rippers.

Is there anywhere where I can get the AstroChicken or Ms. AstroChicken games?
Yep, you can get AstroChicken by either a) Buying Space Quest 3, b) Buying the Space Quest series (Roger Wilco Unclogged, or the Space Quest collection), c) Downloading it from Sierra's BBS (206-644-0112), or d) Downloading it from HERE.
You may not distribute this without Sierra Online's permission, which I have.

You can get Ms. AstroChicken by a) Buying Space Quest 4, b) Buying the Space Quest series (Roger Wilco Unclogged, or the Space Quest collection), c) Downloading it from Sierra's BBS (206-644-0112), d) Buying Nick's Picks: Roger Wilco's Spaced Out Game Pack., or e) Downloading it from HERE.
I don't think that you may distribute this without Sierra Online's permission, which I got anyway.

Are there any other AstroChicken games?
No... but Deep Freeze came up with a neat idea for one, and one of the newer SQ Webmasters is attempting to make it... visit ScumSoft HQ for details.

Anything else I can get that has to do with AstroChicken?
Yes there is, and to see what that is, go here.

Do AstroChicken or Ms. AstroChicken appear anywhere else?
Yes. Further AstroChicken games have been mentioned within the Space Quest series, Astro Chicken is hidden in a locker in the SCS Eureka in Space Quest 5: The Next Mutation (Note: There is some dispute on this, and it is believed that it might just be a chicken with the Astro Chicken theme music playing), and Astro Chicken also appears in Jones in the Fast Lane on the menu at Monolith Burger.

What are some translations of AstroChicken?
First Two By Troels Pleimert
Third By Matan Kalman aka TSR
Fourth By Christian Giegerich
Fifth By Kevin Wallace aka Me
Sixth By Domen Novak
Seventh By Janez Kranjc
AstroChicken in Denmark is Rumkyllingen
AstroChicken in Sweden is Rymdkycklingen
AstroChicken in Israel is Tarnegol-Halal, and Ms. AstroChicken is Tarnegolet-Halal
AstroChicken in German is Astro Huhn
AstroChicken in Spanish is either AstroGallina or AstroPolla (I believe AstroPolla is AstroChicken as food)
AstroChicken in Slovene is Zvezdni Piscanec
AstroChicken in Slovenian language is AstroKura
If you have any other translations, or if any of these are wrong, please send them to me!

Where's the Unofficial Astro Chicken FAQ?
Funny you should ask. It's right here. It's currently version 1.Bacock!

Is there anything I can get from the upcoming Astro Chicken game by Chris Geroux of ScumSoft HQ?
I've gotten my virtual cyber-hands on four original MIDIs by Troels Pleimert, made for an upcoming game by Chris Geroux! Thanks Troels!
3.34 KB
asinsane.mid A strange rendition of the regular Astro Chicken theme
astroloop.mid5.45 KBSounds like the regular Astro Chicken theme
astrorch.mid6.56 KBA neat rendition of the regular Astro Chicken theme
astwestn.mid5.01 KBA westernish sounding rendition o' yon reg'lar Astro Chicken theme
Note: To download, right-click on it.

Will there be another Astro Chicken arcade game in Space Quest 7?
According to Scott Murphy:

Can I contribute to the glory that is this page?
Yes you can! If you have anything that you think I should add to this page, send me an e-mail.


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